Hello Kids!

Before we get into the voting, here is a picture of Tina wearing Petaluma Pete’s derby hat out in front of the movie theatre during the Petaluma International Film Festival last week. Tina is one of the people who brought this Festival to town and the two of us dodged rain drops all day long!

Meanwhile, with election day right around the corner, Petaluma Pete would like to suggest you vote for Petaluma!

Here’s how…

Always trying to think of ways to bring more visitors to our fair city, Petaluma Pete created a product demonstration video about 6 months ago that also includes a peek at our beautiful marina and plugs good ‘ol Petaluma!

As luck would have it, this video has been selected by an international trade magazine to compete in an international contest, giving your adults the opportunity to get in there and vote so we can give Petaluma some great international exposure.

There’s going to be 2 rounds. Voting has already begun for round 1… and ends November 10.

If we win, countless THOUSANDS of potential visitors from around the globe will see it!

Click on the third screen above to vote and ask your adults to pass this onto to everyone they know, regardless of where they live.


– PP!

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