Hello Kids!

The Downtown Harvest Days event is in full swing, which include the scarecrows that are popping up all over the place! Read about it by clicking HERE.

Time to tell you about this weekend’s CA$H MOB event! It’s every pumpkin patch in town! 🙂

Click HERE to learn more about it.

See this video below? Round up your grown-ups and sit them down to watch.

There’s no better “mall” in the history of mankind than Downtown Petaluma, and this video below will show you where some of our esteemed merchants will be opening their doors for your adults to visit, to purchases something, and to help generate a little cash flow in these tough economic times.

Don’t you just LOVE this town?

Stay tuned for an updated schedule of these events in future CA$H MOBBER posts! Petaluma Pete will include new merchants as he receives the info from Ca$h Mob Central. 🙂

October 13-14-15 Petaluma Pumpkin Patches Weekend

October 22-26 Bus Stop Coffee (Open M-F)

November 2-3-4 Tall Toad Music

November 16-17-18 4th and Sea

December 1-2-3 i Leoni

December 8-9-10 Marisa’s Fantasia

December 14-15-16 Berry Chill

December 20-22- Vintage Style