Autographs from the main stage performers will be added to the white Telecaster guitar and put on display at the Radio Station booth. – $1.00 per ticket. – Winner will be announced Saturday, May 18, over the radio station PA at 3:30 PM, 30 minutes before the Cruisin’ starts at 4:00.
Winner must be present to win.
The second, chrome, Les Paul style guitar, pictured here, will be on display in various downtown Petaluma windows throughout the year while we add selected artist autographs who appear at McNears’s Mystic Theatre… then raffled at next year’s Cruisin’ event.
PEP Housing is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to providing seniors with quality affordable housing, support services and advocacy. At last Sunday’s PEP fund-raiser, a Telecaster guitar autographed by the Petaluma police, by the Petaluma city council and by Mayor David glass was turned around by PEP and donated to Petaluma’s Cruisin the Blvd., Inc., another non-profit that hosts the annual “Tribute to American Graffiti” event scheduled for this weekend, May 17/18.
The announcement was made on last week’s PEP fund-raiser performance stage.
Regarded as an unprecedented move, the idea for “donating a donation” was inspired by PEP Fundraising and Marketing Director Rebecca Spencer who spends her days looking for money to support the ever-present housing needs for seniors in our community. “It just makes sense to me that if PEP helps other non-profit organizations, we might receive help from them in the future, and this very cool instrument will resonate better with classic automobile owners where guitars and cars share the same culture.”
The guitar was initially donated by Pawn Advantage on 157 Petaluma Blvd., North

The instrument was initially donated by Downtown Petaluma’s Pawn Advantage and transported to the Petaluma Police department where Officer Tim Lyons passed it around for autographs from Petaluma’s Finest. The city council was next and now it will be signed by the musicians who play on the main stage at this week’s Cruisin’ the Blvd. event. The instrument will be raffled off to raise money for “Save a Life” heart defibulators in police cars, schools, and ideas have already been sparked for possible installations in senior PEP housing locations. The announcement was made on the PEP bandstand last Sunday night by festivities emcee John Maher aka Petaluma Pete who arranged for the initial donation from Pawn Advantage.

“This guitar will become a part of Petaluma history” said John Furrer, CEO of Cruisin’ the Blvd., Inc. “and we thank PEP for thinking of us with such an appropriate fund-raising gift. It’s going to provide pretty incredible bragging rights for some lucky winner.”
The instrument is currently on display at Buffalo Billiards at 246 Petaluma Blvd. N. until this weekend where it will be featured in the Cruisin’ radio station booth on Petaluma Blvd. where you can purchase your raffle tickets. Mayor David glass aka DJ for radio station XERB 88.1 will be kicking things off on Saturday morning, May 18th.
Next year’s Cruisin’ guitar, a chrome-faced beauty donated by RadWraps in Novato, is already lined up for displaying around town while collecting artist autographs for the 2014 Cruisin’ The Blvd. event!


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Come to downtown Petaluma this weekend and enjoy the festivities.

Best of all, everybody wins because the downtown businesses meet new customers, the city receives positive press, the tourism business gets another shot in the arm, local families can enjoy themselves right here at home, and the proceeds go to non-profits which help our community.

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