Hello kids!

As you can see from this photo, Petaluma Pete got in a little over his head during yesterday’s Cruisin’ the Blvd. downtown event, but not before being visited by Candy Clark, who played the part of “Debbie” on the American Graffiti movie and spent the weekend here in Petaluma to help us all celebrate.

This video was provided by Michael Bug Deakin from Heritage salvage, who was one of an estimated 30,000 people packing the downtown streets on Saturday during the biggest and best Cruisin’ the Blvd event in the history of mankind. 🙂


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Thanks to everyone who came to downtown Petaluma to enjoy the festivities.

Everybody won because the downtown businesses met new customers, the city received positive press, the tourism business got another shot in the arm, local families enjoyed themselves right here at home, and the proceeds go to non-profits which help our community.

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Don’t you just LOVE this town?


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