Can you name one Petaluma child who does not deserve a well-rounded education?

Did you know all of the proceeds from the Petaluma Music Festival go directly to help save music programs in our schools?

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Yesterday’s PMF showcase at Buffalo Billiards is highlighted for you by clicking on this link -> CLICK

As you can see from the images below, the Krush 95.5 had their PMF Showcase event on July 25. Buffalo Billiards threw their all-day PMF Showcase yesterday. After Buffalo Billiards, there will be an evening of music at Aqus Cafe on the 3oth while Tall Toad Music rolls out their celebration August 2nd… all to help bring awareness to the actual mother of all Petaluma Music Festivals on Saturday, August 3rd.

Make sure you come to see PMF’s remaining pre-festival Showcase events!

Here is a video to help explain the benefits of saving music programs in our schools.

Kids who participate in school music programs get better grades and have a better chance of being Community Leaders!

See the video below.

Don’t you just LOVE this town? 🙂


By the way, have you seen the new fun AND informative Chamber facebook page?

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