Last night “Petaluma Marianne” skipped by with her two daughters and snapped this picture on her cell phone camera.

I though I was feeling a little fuzzy in the cold but didn’t realize I actually was.


Who is that mysterious man lurking behind us?

HINT: We’re all across the street from where this video was shot:

‘Without music, life would be a mistake.’ _ Friedrich Nietzsche

Also, did you see this great article from Katie?

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Did you know Petaluma’s feed mill is the tallest building in Sonoma County?

Did you know it towers above all those businesses north of Petaluma Blvd like a big, majestic elephant in the room?

Did you know this structure is so big you can see it from the 101 freeway?

Doesn’t it make sense to call the shopping area north of Washington St. the Feed Mill District?

Here is a rough draft of a logo I threw together to give you an idea of the direction in my head.


What do you think?



By the way, have you seen the new fun AND informative Chamber facebook page?

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