Hello Kids!

When I was in grade school back in the 50s (Long ago and far away), there was this one kid who sat next to me in class who could never be happy. His name was Sonny Hines.

The fact that I can still remember his name shows you what an impact he had on my life. It also might have something to do with the fact that Sonny earned himself the nick name “Whiny Hiney” because nothing, and I mean NOTHING, pleased this kid.

Sonny’s father was a prominent E. St. Louis doctor. He drove one of those big white Lincoln cars with suicide doors and his family lived up on Regent Place. Sonny was the first to get a Davy Crockett coon tail, first to get a hoola-hoop, first to get a new Schwinn, a Mr. Machine, erector set, Tinker Toys, Uncle Wiggley game, Play-Doh, and even one of those mail-order wind-up 20 Mule Team Borax horse-drawn wagons that Ronald Raegan would pitch to us kids on Death Valley Days.

Still, Sonny whined like a baby at the drop of a hat even though his living conditions were easily in the top 5% of all the other kids in our entire school!

At lunch time, Whiny Hiney whined about his food. On the playground, he whined about having to wait in line for the monkey bars. At Christmas time, Sonny even complained about not getting as many gifts as his sister.

I often wondered what happened to Sonny. Hopefully, he met a Staff Seargent later in life who had the opportunity to “enlighten” the boy and show him how the glass can also be half full, especially when compared to most other people’s living conditions.

With some kids, the “Whiny Hiney” can stick with them all the way into adulthood. Because these kids were never enlightened, they simply transfer their childhood dissatisfaction toward the people and the community where they live today.

Do you know any whiny adults here in Petaluma kids? Do you know any adults who only want to bring others down about the bad stuff without lifting a finger to help make it better? If so, here’s an opportunity for you to help these folks!

So as not to single out and/or embarrass the whiner, gather ALL your adults around the computer and then click HERE*.

After that, click HERE and listen to the comment at minute marker 0:52.

Ask your grown-ups to count their blessings and help one another!

– PP!

Whiny Hiney Jr,

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