I believe it was in the Smoky And The Bandit movie where Burt Reynolds’ character was on the run so he had to burn his classic hot-rod Oldsmobile to help cover his tracks. Before he torched it, he took all afternoon washing and detailing the car inside and out. He wanted to see it, feel it, drive it in all her glory just one more time before saying goodbye.I realized I had done sort of the same thing this week with Jenna.

Jenna was the name of the person who left this magnificent beast to me. I painted her colonial red, her favorite color, and painted her black keys green because she loved gardening. – In her prime, this piano roared like a lion and kicked like a horse but storing her outside back behind Central Market over the past couple of years has dried out her pin block, shrinking the wood and making the threaded pins that hold the strings in tune lose their grip. – You can tune it back to pitch but she lets go in a matter of hours when played hard which is what I do.

Before taking her to the dump, I paid $50 to have her tuned one more time this week and rocked her to her very soul Friday night.

She did not disappoint.

I will miss you Jenna. RIP.

– JM!

 Petaluma 2014 033

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