Lately, Petaluma Pete has found himself engaged in conversation with a number of Petaluma citizens down at Western & Petaluma Blvd., discussing how the Petaluma People Services Center could use our help right about now. At PPSC, they do so much already with so little (Sorry Elece… figuratively speaking) and Petaluma now has more low or no income people in need of shelter, counciling and health support than ususal.

The attached Bill Soberanas arm wrestling video was initially intended to be just another fun installment to help drag tourists in off the 101 and point out yet another reason for us more fortunate citizens get out there and enjoy downtown Petaluma. However, it also has a more serious side that I invite you to listen to while watching PPSC’s fearless leader humiliate Petaluma Pete… figuratively speaking.

To donate your time and/or money to PPSC or just bring some fresh perspective, call 707-765-8488 or email them at

Here is their web site:

With time and money at an all-time premium for 99% of us lately, does anyone out there have any creative ideas regarding other ways we can help PPSC? We are, after all, only helping ourselves… literally.

Don’t you just LOVE this town?

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