Know any old people like me?

After a life of playing Senior Centers, I had an epiphany while performing for the folks at Valley Orchards when I realized at least two of the residence were younger than yours truly.

Talk about hitting close to home baby!

Buffalo Billiards owner Lee Simon is putting together a Senior Day for ALL seniors to kick out some jams once a week.

I know this is hard to believe but this is a non-profit move on Lee’s part since there’s really no money to be made, unless someone wants to buy a beer I guess but that’s not the point.

The point is giving back to the folks who helped keep our kids growing and going.

The point is also fun, games and honky-tonk piano.

Pass this on to Grandma & Grandpa. 🙂


By the way…

Who knows about Leadership Petaluma?

See the video below.

Don’t you just LOVE this town? 🙂


By the way, have you seen the new fun AND informative Chamber facebook page?

Click HERE to like it.

Click HERE to join.



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