Hello Kids!

Welcome to Part 7 where we show your adults this picture of a Gibson Epiphone Les Paul guitar autographed by Joan Jett. She signed it when she was here in Petaluma playing at the Sonoma-Marin Fair. The guitar was donated by our friends at Tall Toad music store. Pat Conklin, Fairgrounds CEO, helped us get the guitar to Joan and this is what she wrote:

“Thanks for supporting ‘Keeping Music in the Schools!’ … So rock this sucker!” Love, Joan Jett.

For details about how and why, simply read the information below these pictures!

Have you ever heard of Ricky Skaggs? Slash? Qunicy Jones? Ted Nugent? Peter Frampton?

These are 5 of many more artists who autographed guitars for Petaluma Pete, and allowed us to offer them to your adults in exchange for much-needed money to save music programs in our schools. These 5 guitars are already gone, but there’s plenty more where they came from… and plenty more coming!

Guitars were donated by our pals from Alvarez, Briarwood, Austin, Hamer, Peavey, J.Reynolds and Silvertone… then autographed by artists like Yoko Ono, Joe Satriani, Bootsy Collins and, yes, even Wierd Al Yankovic! Our great friends at the Mystic Theatre have also allowed us to go back stage over the past year and get autographs from artists like Dick Dale, Tommy Castro, Roy Rogers, Ray Manzarek and Robert Cray… and will have them on display at McNear’s saloon up to the August 7 Petaluma Music Festival. Thanks to Tom Gaffey at the Pheonix Theatre for asking Jello Biafra to autograph an incredible Hamer custom guitar that will be on display at Aqus Cafe. Thanks also to Zone Music for the additional guitars, and thanks to Reunion Blues for donating the RB Continental case to protect the Alvarez acoustic signed by Robert Cray.

So please consider this post as Part 7, kids. Part 7 to what we hope will be a great opportunity for your adults to snag one of these autographed guitars (and a frame like those pictured here, built by Heritage Salvage). Your adults can display this package in their office or den and brag, brag, brag… while watching the instrument increase in value.

This is only the beginning.

In subsequent installments moving forward from here (Parts 8, 9, 10…) additional autograph announcements will be made, leading up to the Petaluma Music Festival on August 7, where many of these guitars will be available for bid or raffle. Stay tuned!

Click HERE for tickets to the festival: www.petalumamusicfestival.org

– PP!



At this year’s Music Festival (August 7), you will be able to take advantage of “real-time” bidding while instruments are autographed by all the headliners throughout the day. Watch the video below to see how this works!

All the money collected from ticket sales to this year’s Music Festival will go to helping save music education in our schools. To see why making music is so important to our kids, watch the video below.

Here’s a REALLY silly fund-raising event that took place right here in Petaluma to help raise  money to save music in our schools!

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