Hello Kids!

Ever heard of something called a Head-Thru?

Petaluma Pete first saw one back in 1956. He never forgot how much fun it was so we decided to make one for you that you can enjoy today!

A grown up Petaluma visitor takes a turn!

Simply walk up, stick your head through, and there you are!

Of course, as you can see here, your grown-ups can also have fun with this new Head-Thru.

It’s attached to Petaluma Pete’s piano, and available any time you want to come downtown and use it while Petaluma Pete is playing.

Just for the fun of it, we also included a couple of very cool examples of how YOU can look, being a kid and all, with your head through this picture. Tell your grown-ups they can send your Head-Thru to all your friends and relatives.


Don’t you just LOVE this town?

This little girl is having the time of her life!






This little boy is making his grown-ups smile!


This grown-up needs to get out of the sun. 🙂